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About 關於

We love to work with diverse clients, realising abstract ideas into reality with creative executions. We enjoy mixing up advance and retro abstract elements into work, strive to go beyond limitations. Our goals and ideas in projects are derived from different clients' needs and desires. We would like to discribe our work style is driven from various creative minds and locations into an ideal solution. Categorization should be for recognition, but never our pursuit of goal in projects.

用我們擅長的獨特設計手法實現顧客最初衷的抽象想法於現實空間裡 我們喜歡混合不同風格和突破一般的思維限制我們的設計發想源自於客戶不同的需求和期望 我們的風格因應現場環境的變化各方面而成 風格的分類 對我們來說 是溝通時在認知上的語彙但永遠不會是我們在專案設計中追求的目標

Tien-Bao Wang

Creative Art Director




Paul Zac
Creative Design Director




May/2003 - May/2008    
New York Institute of Technology                                              
1855 Broadway   New York, New York                                              
Major : Architecture (Bachelor 5 yr degree)

Assistant Professor [Design Fundamentals 1 & 2] 
with Architecture School of Design chairman David Diamond.

​June/2007 - Dec/2009        
Scarano Architects                                   



May/2009 - May/2010         
Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture                                     

Feb/2011 - Feb/2013
Akuma Design


Sep/2005 - Jun/2009    
China University of Technology                                              
No.56, Sec.3, Xinglong Rd., Wensham Dist.,
Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C)                                             
Major : Interior Design (Bachelor 4 yr degree)


Sep/2010 - Nov/2010        
CH.S & ASSOCIATES Architects & Interior Designers                                            



Nov/2010 - July/2013
Akuma Design


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