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Architecture ​建築作

曲境VILLA二館 (Hengchun, TW)

1 + 1 Home are 2 family 3 storeys, combine 2 similar architectures act as one (building). 1st floor contains Livingroom (Garage) + Bathroom, basement as Kitchen. 2F is Guest Room, 3F is Master Bedroom.

This project is scheduled to be finished by Dec 2013.

Tien-Bao Wang (王天保)

+886 955 259 345

元結山莊 (Sindian, TW)

This project is a security / info point for a residential community. It contains watch room, office, bathroom and a bedroom.

East Village Studio (NY, USA)

East Village Studio is a single unit flat located around West 4th Street Manhattan. The renovation is for a young couple's living space, the goal was to use the maximum space available for different purposes. Some hidden storage space are hidden below surface, such as stairs and wall shelves.

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